Gaffar Kandy

Managing Director

“Grow Your Business Around The Talent And Skills You Think You Can Preserve For A Long Time.”

Mr. Gaffar Kandy is an acclaimed doyen in the field of real estate with more than a decade of experience and proficiency in the field of construction and engineering. Apart from his practical experience and vast theoretical knowledge that comes from his degree in civil engineering, he is a strategic planner, a model leader and a person with exceptional business acumen. Mr. Gaffar leads the global team of 42 Estates in his role as Managing Director.

Mr. Gaffar is a celebrated architect in his own right. He has played the role of co-founder in his erstwhile career with one of South India’s largest real estate firms and has successfully completed more than 100 projects there in. His reputation and triumphs in the real estate market can be acknowledged by his myriad interviews that have been broadcasted in various media portals and magazines

Mr. Gaffar has always invoked a deep sense of confidence and trust with customers which has been instrumental in ensuring great returns for his stakeholders. His vision coupled with strong determination to achieve high standards within limited time makes him the face of a billion dollar real estate market.

42 Estates is indeed set to reach great heights with Mr. Gaffar at the helm of its drive towards stupendous success and growth.